Yuja Vita Moisture Lip Balm

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💋Completely dried and even flaky?!💋
Drought warning Save My Lips!

💝SOME BY MI Yook Sung Jae limited Edition💝
As fresh like YUJA (citron) SungJae fit into the package

🔮No more lip balms that only provide temporary comfort🔮
Filling Intensive hydration to lips

🍋Yuja Vita Moisture Lip Balm🍋
- Long-lasting Moisturization
- Adhere Closely while moisturizing without sticky feelings,
- Yuja scent that makes you feel good

✅ Main Ingredients
✔️Yuja (Citron) Peel Oil → Replenish moisture, supply nutrients
✔️Vitamin E → Rejuvenate and supply nutrients
✔️Ceramide → Long-lasting moisturization
✔️Jojoba Seed Oil → Exfoliate dead cells on the lip
* Description above explains ingredient benefits.

✨[ KEY POINT ] Highly Moisturizing Daily Lip Care Yuja Vita Lip Balm✨
1. Intensive moisturizing and exfoliating care
Ingredients from the nature such as Yuja (Citron) peel oil, supply abundant amount of moisture and rich nutrients into rough lip.

2. Soft melting texture
Smoothly Touches and Quickly Absorbed Does not leave any sickness or residue.

3. Good Edible Fragrance
As it is a product which is applied on lips, we made it honestly with edible Yuja (Citron) fragrance.

* Description above explains ingredient benefits.

🌞DAY CARE → Apply whenever you feel dryness on your lips.
🌜NIGHT CARE → Spread enough amount on your lips before you go to bed, and you’ll be able to expect a moisturizing lip make up the next day.

☑️ Content : 10g

✈️✈️✈️ The products you ordered will be shipped directly from the SOME BY MI headquater of Korea. ✈️✈️✈️

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