Yuja Niacin Mineral 100 Brightening Suncream [50ml]

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From blocking UV rays to immediate tone-up
Finish All In 1 Yuja Suncream

Protect skin from UV rays and immediately tone-up
the skin by filling it with Yuja Extract and vitamins.

3 in 1 Beauty Booster

- Prevent UV rays
Immediate Tone-up
Whitening, improve wrinkles

Main Ingredients

- Niacinamide → Whitening ingredient
Goheung Yuja Extract → Provide moisture and nutrients
Glutathione, Arbutin → Clear and flawless skin
14 types of vitamin → Revitalize skin
Nelumbium Speciosum Flower Extract → Clear skin

Now, blur your skin with just one Suncream!
Immediate tone-up as soon as it touches skin!

[ Foundation-Free, Super Easy Make-up ]
It gives you an immediate tone-up effect to lighten skin tone and pare down complicated makeup routine with only one suncream.

The highest UV protection index in Korea | SPF50+ PA++++

SPF (UVB prevention index)
Higher the number is the more blocking effect it has
SPF 50+ (→ Able to use for activities under intense UV rays)

PA (UVA prevention index)
The more + it has, the more powerful the effect
PA++++ (→ Offers a very high blocking effect)

Are all Mineral sunscreens thick? NO! Moist inside, Smooth outside
It is a smooth, refreshing type with a moisturizing touch that is easy to spread thin, and leaves skin with a soft finish.


 At the last step of skincare spread an appropriate amount of the product over the face, neck, arms, and legs that are likely to be exposed to ultraviolet rays.

TIP | Take a large size coin(2 ml approx.) amount for each use and pat to for better absorption.
* Must apply the suncream before going outdoors
* thoroughly cleanse your skin after wearing sun cream

Content : 50ml

The products you ordered will be shipped directly from the SOME BY MI headquater of Korea.

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