Truecica Mineral 100 Calming Suncream

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Product Point

- SPF50+ PA++++
- Non-Nano Mineral 100 Suncream
- TRUECICA™ 10,000ppm
- Contains 85% of Moisturizing Essence
- Mild ingredients No artificial color No artificial fragrance


Main Point_01
Strongest sun protectant in Korea
SPF50+ PA++++

Check SPF, PA rating if you want a suncream that works!

SPF (Measured rating against UVB ray)
Higher the number, the stronger against the sun
[ UVB: Sunray that causes inflammation, red spot, and burning on the skin ]
SPF 50+ (→ For outdoor activities under the strong sun)

PA (Measured rating against UVA ray)
Number of '+' means stronger skin protection
[ UVA: Sunray that causes blemish, freckles, discoloration and wrinkle on the skin ]
PA++++ (→ Shielding Effect > Very High)

Main Point_02
Suncream, sensitive skin can trust
Non-Nano Mineral 100 Suncream

- What is Non-Nano?
Non-nano sized particle is too big to be absorbed into skin which makes it safer to the skin

- What is 100% Mineral Suncream? (Physical blocking of UV rays)
Suncream forms protection film on the skin surface, and reflects UV rays

- Sensitive Skin = Mineral Suncream
Non-nano-sized mineral suncream is absorbed less on the skin while giving instant reflection of harmful UV rays, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin users.
* Details above describe ingredient nature.

Main Point_03
No artificial fragrance, No artificial color
Everyday protection without irritation

[ Truecica™ 10,000ppm ]
SomeByMi’s exclusive skin calming formula protects and soothes skin tired from the sun
- Artemisia Princeps Extract (→ Moisturized soothing Skin clearing)
Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Water (→ Sensitive skin Calming & Protection)
Centella Extract (→ Skin protection from irritation)
Centella Powder Extract (→ Irritation calming Barrier fortifying)
* Details above describe ingredient nature.

Feather-light & Creamy Mineral 100 Suncream
- 85% of Moisturizing Essence
- Suncream that glides softly like lotion on the skin
- Tone-up! WITH natural & clear glow WITHOUT white turbidity
- Exclusive blending technology only by SOMEBYMI

Triple-function Suncream
- UV protection
- Whitening
- Anti-wrinkle

How To Use

After skincare routine, apply suncream to skin easily exposed to the sun such as face, neck, arm, and leg.

A quarter-size amount (2ml) per use spread and tap for better absorption.
* Always apply suncream before going outside.
* Do a full facial cleansing if suncream was applied.

Content : 50ml

The products you ordered will be shipped directly from the SOME BY MI headquater of Korea. 

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