Pure Vitamin C V10 Cleansing Bar

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Main Effect

- Whitening
- Moisturizing
- Soothing
- Skin refreshing
- Strenghens the skin

* High content (15,000ppm) of pure vitamin C & 10 multi-vitamins containung dull skin A whitening soap that gives a clear and bright toning effect
* Chamomile flower extract helps calm skin smooth skin condensation
* Synthetic additives, natural soap that does not contain harmful substances and can be used for sensitive skin
* Contains natural glycerin and rose hip oil to moisturize even after cleansing
* Cleanse the waste left over from the pores with rich vitamin bubbles

3-Step Vita Tone-up Cleansing
STEP_01 >> Remove Impurities
STEP_02 >> Vitamin Recharge
STEP_03 >> Moisturizes Finish

Misunderstanding about Natural Soap
- My soap turned light orange
>> Naturally-derived ingredient, used in place of synthetic additives, can change soap's color but it is a natural phenomenon so don't worry.

- There are waterdrops on the soap!
>> If air is humid, it can create water droplets when in contact with moisture in the natural soap. This is a natural phenomenon so don't worry.

- Soap melted fast
>> Natural Soaps can melt easily when in contact with water. Use a soap container with good water drainage.

* Result above are not product defects but natural reactions of the natural ingredients. Do not worry and keep on using it.

Fantastic Together

[[ Brightening Product ]]
* Pure Vitamin C V10 Cleansing Bar >> Instant Brightening Effect through Vitamin Foam Massage Cleansing Bar
* Galacto Vitamin Idol Toner >> Skin Built Firm from Inside Total Intensive Whitening Care Toner [Coming Soon]
* V10 Vitamin Tone-up Cream >> Instantly Brightened and Shining. Instant Tone Up Cream

Content : 95g

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