Killing Coverst Moisture Cushion

$25.03 $30.15

Main Effect

- Superior coverage
- Superior lasting
- Whitening
- Water-proof

* Kind ingredient cushion with nature oriented ingredients including Aqua Forex, deep sea water, babassu seed oil
Sun protection (SPF50+ PA+++) + Whitening + Wrinkle, triple care
Completing porcelain-like skin even with acne, flush skin with high coverage
Spreads evenly wihtout getting lump and darkening ZERO cushion that lasts 24-hour
Full of moisture and cooling effect with deep sea water, Waterproof cushion resistant to sweat and water
2types of case (Original, Character)
Antimicrobial process prevents 99.9% of microbial growth, 3-NO (benzyl alcohol, paraben, benzophenone) safe cosmetic

Outstanding Cushion_MOCHI CUSHION
Avoids evaporation of moisture as the sponge isn't pre-wet
Appearance of a Foundation that gives plenty of moisture all day long

Color Select
# 21_Light Beige >>> Gives a beautiful glow to the skin for bright skins
# 22_Pink Beige >>> SOLD OUT
# 23_Natural Beige >>> Gives a healthy and natural glow to the skin for dark skin

Recommended to the following!
1. Those who desire a high coverage and adhesion simultaneously!
2. UV Protection+Whitening+Wrinkle Improvement All in One!
3. Those looking for a product without darkening!
4. Those who desire a product that doesn't produce white-caking!
5. Those who desire a cover that is moist in the inside and perfect on the outside!
6. Those who want a moistness that adheres even into a dry skin!
7. Those who desire a glow to the darkened skin!

Content : 15g

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