Killing Cover Moisture Cushion 2.0

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Main Effect

- For troubled skin
- Superior coverage
- Soothing
- Moisturizing
- Sun protection

* Cover cushion with soothing ingredients and upgraded coverage
Prefect cover of trouble, flush, blemish

20 kinds of nature oriented ingredients including Calamine powder, Asiatic pennywort included

Mild ingredient for troubled skin an sensitive skin

Minimized purified water but by rich in tea tree water (320,000ppm), soothes troubles skin quickly

Safe cover with domestic maximum sun protection factor (SPF50+ PA++++)
Additional components of 10 kinds / Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin

Bring in the Good_Send out the Bad

Not even comparable with other products!
Contains 320,000ppm natural tea tree leaf extracts

1. Rich in tea tree leaf extracts and while minimizing water, even sensitive skin is quickly soothed
2. The 5 main skin troubles Relax and cover them with Nature Care Solution
3. Delightful Comfort & Beautiful Radiance All Day with 20 Natural Botanical Extracts (→ Calamine powder, Centella extract, Eucalyptus leaves extract, Arnica montana flower extract, wormwood extract, Yarrow extract, Gentiana roots extract, Pomegranate extract, Rosehip fruit oil, Wild soybean extract, Green tea seed extract, Mung beans seed extract, Apricot seed extract, Oat kernel extract, Black rice extract, Safflowerseed extract, Ceramide extract, Lemon balm extract, Quince extract, Orange flower extract)

Ruby-Cell puff, delivering youthful skin

The more you pat, the better adhesion you get.
Get perfect flawless skin with easy-buildable puff.
" Puff that Touches Your Skin! Now Switch to Anti-Bacterial Puff! "


Color Select

# 21_Light Beige >>> Gives a beautiful glow to the skin for bright skins
# 23_Natural Beige >>> Gives a healthy and natural glow to the skin for dark skin

Content : 15g

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