H7 Hydro Max Cream

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🌟Main Effect🌟
- High-content effect
- Make-up booster
- Skin soothing
- Wrinkle improvement
- Whitening

💧7-kind hyaluronic acid fulfills moisture from the deep core of the skin and by forming barrier, extreme-moisturizing for long time
💧Smooth texture, superior absorption, and moisturized texture with less oil
💧Mineral balances PH concentration within body and help soothing skin and emitting body waste
💧Magnesium:Kalium:Calcium Mineral ratio of 3:1:1 same as human body boosts internal absorption and keeps high absoeption rate
💧Extreme moisturizing moisturized containing 71% of deep sea water from Ulleungdo and 21 kinds of nature oriented extract
💧ECO CERT certified product use / Include 3 kinds of patent ingredients
💧Double function, wrinkle and whitening

🔮4 In-Depth Solutions_For a younger skin!🔮
✔️① Deeper! Denser! Septuple Moisturizing New Technology
>> A septuple Moisturizing Barrier that deeply fills from Ultra-Low Molecules to High Molecules inside the skin

✔️② Achieve a younger face Through Skin Elasticity&Whitening!
>> Get skin elasticity, anti-oxidation and whitening at the same time With our 2 patented ingredients consisting only of natural ingredients!

✔️③ A Deep Healing to the tired skin due to fine dust&make-up
>> The BSASM that is made from the extraction of natural ingredients Such as Tea Plant, Licorice and more, rapidly calms the damaged skin!

✔️④ Full of Minerals! Deep Sea Water from Ulleungdo Island!
>> Deep Sea Water has a Mineral BALANCE that is the most similar to the human body with a 3:1:1 mineral ratio of which can be quickly absorbed in to the skin.

💖Who Need H7 Cream?💖
1. It's dry even if I apply a moisturizing cream!
2. The make-up is ruined because the skin is rough!
3. The skin pulls even if I changed the moisture cream!
4. The skin elasticity is getting worse!

✅ WHY?
It's because the moisture isn't being transferred to the Stratum Corneum and Epidermis Layer.
The 7 molecules of H7 tightly into the stratum corneum and epidermis layer of which it creates a barrier for each layer And help maintain the moisture for a long time.

☑️ Content : 50ml

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