Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Toner

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Key Ingredient Featurest _ Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Toner

* 88% galactomyces in place of purified water
Unique from the basics! The skin is filled with galactomyces, not purified water, at the very beginning.

Pure Vitamin C 10,000ppm
Soluble Vitamin C (ascovic acid) 10,000 ppm of vitamin bomb, toner! Vitamin layering filled with freshness from toner as it is the first skin care.

Absorption by liposomized 10 kinds of vitamins↑
10 vitamins that are difficult to absorb are re-created to help ensure safe delivery to the inside of the skin to recharge your vital energy.

EWG Green Grade Soft Prescription
A whitening line that can exclude as much as possible ingredients that can irritate the skin and reach the skin gently. (Artificial pigment X, artificial fragrance X)

Weathering Hard in Extreme Conditions
# For Firm Skin Base
- Milky White Skin
Radiant Shiny Skin
Flawless Clear Skin
Smooth Skin without Dry Flakes
Facial Tight Resilience

What is "Galactomyces"?

After discovering sake maker's hands were uniquely supple and young, people started to use this natural fermented yeast in skincare products to increase skin's resilience and vitality.
* Effects above describe ingredient benefits.


How To Use

Put toner on the palm.
Spread with fingertips along the facial line.


Recommended to people below:
1. Have patchy dark-toned skin
2. Skin marks from external irritants
3. Skin losing energy and turning dull
4. Skin showing signs of aging around eyes and mouth
5. Need resilience to enlarged pores
6. Need moisture-filled total care product

Fantastic Together
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* Galacto Vitamin Idol Serum >> Brighter & Revitalized Skin Total Intensive Whitening Care Serum

* V10 Vitamin Tone-up Cream >> Instantly Brightened and Shining. Instant Tone Up Cream

Content : 200ml

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