Cereal Pore Foamcrub

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* 72% natural grain using (70% rice brain powder + walnut peel) cleansing foam
* Exfoliating without stimulation but mild with fine natural grains
* Cleansing and Scrub at the same time, 2 in 1 product
* Detergency to cleansing foundation, mascara, eye liner and other make-up without stimulation
* Moisturizing even after the face wash, reliable even for trouble skin
* Not only face but multi-use for severe dead cell part or body including heel, elbow, ect.
* EWG safety grade for all ingredients! NO Microplastics! NO Cellulose!


What is good about CEREAL PORE FOAMCRUB

1. A microbeads-free products which contains rice bran powder and walnut shell powder cleanses and exfoliates your skin at the same time.
2. It contains high rice bran extract so the skin is instantly, and over time, given a softer, brighter, and clearer look and feel
3. Chestnut shell, perilla seed and walnut shell extracts cleanse pores and blackheads.
4. Lentil seed extract calms breakouts.


Microbeads Free, Cellulose Free
72% Natural grain extracts

A gentle and moist scrub that deep-cleanses skin and removes dead skin cells all at once.

1. Cereal Pore Foamcrub does not contain any plastic particles because we do not want to cause environmental pollution or skin damage.
2. So we used rice bran powder and walnut shell powder as ingredients. You can deep-cleanse and exfoliate skin at the same time.
3. Cereal Pore Foamcrub is a natural exfoliator containing 72% of natural grain extracts such as chestnut shells, perilla seeds, walnut shells and lentil seeds.


Solutions For_Cereal Pore Foamcrub

1. The skin looks rough, dry or cakey after makeup application
2. Those who are looking for a cleanser that does not over-drying skin
3. Acne and blemishes
4. Sensitive skin that need mild exfoliator
5. Blackheads, sebum, enlarged pores
6. Dullness and uneven skin texture

* You have to try CEREAL PORE FOAMCRUB!
The natural grain ingredients which is good for skin deeply purifies impurities in pores.


How To Use

1. Pour about half a teaspoon into hands.
2. Add lukewarm water, and rub hands together to create a creamy foam.
3. Massage gently onto a wet face in circular motions avoiding eyes.

Content : 100ml

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