30 Days Miracle Serum

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Main Effect

- Skin soothing
- exfoliating
- Pore and skin waste care
- Moisturizing
- Inflammation

* High-content tea tree water extract (10,000ppm) helps controlling sebum control and pore care
* Contains 14.5% of Asiatic pennywort, effective on soothing and strengthening skin barrier and care trouble marks
* AHA BHA PHA ingredients gently exfoliate and remove skin waste, normalize skin turn-over period
* 2-layer serum of natural essence(moisturizing) and vegetable oil(forming barrier) balances moisture and oil of skin and keeps skin moisturized for long time
* ph5.5 subacidity serum prevents trouble and keeps skin healthy
* No artificial additives of 20 kinds No allergenic component / EWG green grade proved product used
* Hypo-allergic test completed / Patent ingredient: Multi-X Bsasm Plus (Skin protecting ingredient)



1. Prevents heat aging, anti-aging and so on. For instant cooling efficiency, use after keeping in cold storage.
2. Fatly soak the cotton then cover troubled part of the skin to care intensively.
3. Not only face but also on stimulated body, cover the serum for soothing.


How To Use

1. Before use, press squit to take out the product.
2. Close the cover and shake the product well to mix dividend two layers.
3. Spread the product using fingertip after the skin texture.
4. After applying, cover face with palm to help absorption.

Content : 50ml

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