30 Days Miracle Cleansing Bar

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Main Effect

- Exfoliating
- Pore and sebum care
- Improving skin tone
- Inflammation

* AHA, BHA, PHA ingredients mildly removes dead cell and normalize skin turn-over period
* The mixture of natural tea tree (10,000ppm) and Houttuynia extract prevent parasitic of Demodex
* Organic olive oil and argan oil keep skin moisturized even after the face wash
* No artificial additives of 20 kinds including artificial dye and chemical detergent, No allergenic component
* EWG green grade proved product used


1. Use the Cleanser Soap instead of body cleanser, It can alleviate your skin troubles. (ex : Back pimples, Foot heel, Hardened skin on arms and legs)
2. Natural soaps can melt easily. Cut the soap into 4 pieces for a longer use. (Store the unused pieces in a cool dry case)
3. If soap mesh is used, it can create firmer, richer foam and can use the soap to the very last piece.

Misunderstanding about Natural Soaps

- My soap turned light green. (→ Photosynthesis of chlorella, used in place of synthetic additives, can change soap's color but it is a natural phenomenon so don't worry.)
- There are waterdrops on the soap! (→ if air is humid, it can create water droplets when in contact with moisture in the natural soap. This is a natural phenomenon so don't worry.)
- Soap melted fast. (→ Natural Soaps can melt easily when in contact with water. Use a soap container with good water drainage.)

* Results above are not product defects but natural reactions of the natural ingredients. Do nor worry and keep on using it.

Content : 95g

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