30 Days Miracle Tea Tree Clear Spot Oil

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Tea Tree Spot Oil for Trouble Skin
It contains 150,000ppm tea tree oil from Australia and contains 19.88% tea tree leaf extract in Korea. It is effective to concentrate troublesome skin even with a small amount of droplets. It is a special oil for spot that helps skin moisturize.

Fast sedation and convergence of localized areas
Tea tree oil, which effectively soothes skin problems, calms the redness of the skin and helps the pores converge. Combination Calming Item is a combination of calming and moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin B5 panthenol and allantoin.

Sebum Control and Cool Cooling
The excessive sebum in the problem area is easily controlled, and the cool tea tree scent adds a refreshing effect to the skin tired of external stress, adding a powerful cooling effect. You can also use the refreshing tea-flavored tea with a self- aroma care.

100% EWG Green Grade Good Components
Gently care your skin with a good Formula that is 100% applied with 20 ingredients free of attachment and EWG green-rated components that can irritate the skin. Ethanol, which is always a concern, can be used without worry as it comes from fermentation of corn grains in Canada.


Must Check First! Before using Teatree Oil

1. Before using it on the face, take 2~3 days to test oil on inner arm or behind the ear using a cotton swap.
2. If there is no irregular symptom, use small amount on the face.


How To Use

As the final skincare step, soak cotton swab with oil and apply it on the problematic spot.
* Notice | Apply this oil on trouble spots and it may give cool and sharp sensation to the skin. Do not apply all over the face unlike other moisture-purpose oil.


Various Ways to Use Teatree Oil

1. Drop 1~2 drops of oil in the cold water before finishing up facial wash. Give pleasant coolness to the face overall.
2. Maximize soothing care if mixed slightly with Miracle Serum or Miracle Cream.
3. Mix with mist or foundation to better control oil on the skin.
4. Mix 1~2 drops of oil with shampoo. Leather & massage. Enjoy coolness and sebum control at the same time.


Essential for the skin like this_Strongly Recommend

1. I am frustrated that red and yellowish cyst never goes away.
2. I have breakouts near mouth during my period.
3. I need non-oily trouble care product.
4. I want skincare that even sensitive skin can reliably use.
5. I want to get rid of messy dead skin cells near my skin troubles.


Content : 10ml

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